Trade union CNV wants corona support until the end of the year

The union CNV calls on the Cabinet to extend support to companies because of the coronavirus until the end of the year. CNV is afraid that otherwise there will be a lot of redundancies in sectors that the union says are about to fall over.

โ€œ Any form of previous dismantling leads to mass redundanciesโ€, said chairman of CNV Piet Fortuin. โ€œWe do not yet see the sledgehammer blow that this current lockdown brings to the economy. We call on the cabinet to throw out the lifebuoy to working Netherlands until the last vaccination.โ€

Fortune says that the aid should only be phased out once the last vaccination has been administered. According to him, the lockdown will last until after February 8th, which is the current end date. Therefore, according to the CNV, many companies have to reorganise.


โ€œWe support all measures leading to the reduction of the coronavirus. But the economic damage is now higher than the previous lockdowns. The support package should therefore offer prospects until at least the end of September,โ€ said the President.

The Cabinet announces the extension of the economic support package on Thursday.