Tradition Breaked: Olympians Dont Get Condoms During Games

Sex at the Olympics? The Tokyo 2020 organization would rather not see it happen. That‘s why no condoms are distributed during the event, but athletes get a total of more than 150,000 to take home when they leave Japan.

Since the Seoul Games in 1988, it has been tradition to distribute many condoms in the Olympic village, to draw attention to HIV and AIDS. This is different now because there are strict rules due to the corona pandemic.

Foreign spectators are already not welcome these Games and people who do come to watch are asked to clap instead of singing or screaming to prevent the spread of the virus.

Eating is not allowed to eat together

Eating together isn’t in it for athletes either. The original plan was to have the residents of the Olympic Village dine in large dining halls, which fit around 4500 people. Instead, the request is for athletes and their entourage to eat alone, keep away from others and clean their place afterwards.

โ€œWe need to do everything we can to prevent an outbreak,โ€ says Nobuhiko Okabe, one of the Corona Advisors for the Games, to AP news agency. โ€œWe need the cooperation of all athletes and delegations to get that done.โ€

Games participants risk substantial penalties if they break the rules. They range from fines to disqualification and expulsion from Japan.

According to the International Olympic Committee, 80 percent of athletes were vaccinated at the beginning of the Games. The pandemic delayed the event for a year. The 32nd Olympic Games will start on July 23.