Traffic fines up and down

Serious traffic violations are punished more severely and small ones are lighter. Demissionary Minister Grapperhaus expects that the increase will be good for road safety and that the reduction will improve social acceptance of traffic fines. The changes had already been agreed in the coalition agreement three years ago.

Among other things, the fine for holding and using the mobile phone while driving goes up: for a motorist from 240 to 340 euros, for a cyclist from 95 to 150 euros (cyclists up to 16 years from 47.50 euros to 75 euros). Needless left driving on a highway and transporting a minor without a belt can result in a fine of 210 euros instead of 140 euros in the future.

Fines for speeding go down by 15 percent on the first ten kilometers crossing. Furthermore, unlicensed parking in a car park for disabled people will not cost €390 in the future, but €300. It is intended that the increase and the cost of the reduction will outweigh the additional revenue.

Grapperhaus will present the changes to the House of Representatives later this year.