Train traffic in Germany flat by strikes

People travelling through Germany by train today and tomorrow are faced with considerable delays due to a driver union strike. It demands a higher salary and a coronabus for train personnel, but the railways refuse that. As a result of the strike, only one in four trains runs. It also disrupted international train traffic from the Netherlands.

The strike started last night in freight transport. Around 2 a.m., passenger train operators also laid down the work. As a result, the night train did not leave Amsterdam to Vienna, among other things.

The strike means for Dutch travelers that they may not arrive at their destination. The train from Amsterdam to Berlin stops in Bad Bentheim and the train between Amsterdam and Basel is temporarily no further than Cologne.

Handwritten departure times

The railway company does make connections between major stations and airports as much as possible, as well as the trains between Hamburg and Frankfurt.

The Pro Bahn Traveller Association had urged the railway company to inform train passengers well. โ€œNothing is more annoying than waiting for a train that doesn‘t turn out to drive during a strike,โ€ says a union spokesperson. In Dรผsseldorf, commuters had prepared for the strike by leaving or traveling by bus two hours earlier, a traveller says to the news agency DPA.

In Leipzig, the strike leads to chaos on the platform. The digital announcement signs cannot keep track of rapidly changing departure times, forcing train staff to switch to handwritten whiteboards to provide travelers with up-to-date information.

โ€œStrike Inappropriate and Excessiveโ€

The train driver trade union (GLD) demands more wages, better working conditions and a coronabonus of 600 euros for Deutsche Bahn operators. Negotiations between the union and the railway company on the collective agreement have been broken.

Deutsche Bahn’s leadership calls the strike โ€œcompletely inappropriate and disproportionateโ€. The strike falls in the middle of the holiday season, when eleven out of sixteen Lรคnder have school holidays.

Though the director therefore condemns the action, he says in the Morgenmagazin television show that he is willing to engage with the union again.

Depending on the outcome of these talks, the union decides whether the strike will continue. It was expected to last until Friday, but the union does not rule out further actions.