‘Trainer Steijn seems to have to clear field due to breach of trust with Mister NAC’

Its rumbling internally at NAC Breda, knows BN DeStem. A quick departure of head coach Maurice Steijn seems inevitable, after an irreparable breach of confidence with technical director Ton Lokhoff.
Steijn allegedly undermines Lokhoff
s position by opposing him. The composition of the selection is part of that: Steijn tries to bring own players to Breda, which is against Lokhoffs meaning. The 47-year-old practitioner wants to see Clint Leemans at NAC, while Mister NAC wants to get other players.
Two days after the lost final in the play-offs for promotion/demotion, Steijn left to Ibiza without Lokhoff knowing. The director actually wanted to have an evaluation interview with the Hague practice master. A month ago Steijn was still in contradiction, when he flew to Ibiza in the middle of the season.
Lokhoff responds briefly to his tense relationship with Steijn. โ€œThere are some things going on. That
s right. In terms of content, I cannot say anything about it at the moment. But it wont be long before there will be more clarity.โ€ According to โ€œdirectly involvedโ€, before the weekend starts, a final judgment on the position of Steijn will come.