Transavia: Ten repatriation flights from Morocco in the coming days

Airline Transavia may operate ten repatriation flights from Moroccan authorities in the coming days to bring stranded passengers from Morocco to the Netherlands, Transavia has announced. Yesterday it became clear that Morocco is allowing multiple flights to bring back stranded Dutch people.

The Moroccan authorities shut down air traffic between Morocco and the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom on the night of Wednesday and Thursday due to the corona situation in the three countries. Transavia estimates that it stranded around 3,500 passengers in Morocco.

Until Friday, ten flights from Morocco to the Netherlands will be operated by the airline company. It includes seven flights from Marrakesh to Amsterdam, a flight from Casablanca to Amsterdam, one from Nador to Rotterdam and one from Tangier to Rotterdam. The first flight is leaving tonight.

Existing Flights

According to Transavia, it is mainly about flights that were already planned and a number of new flights have been added. Passengers were already booked. They can just go on that flight.

โ€œWe call on passengers who would fly with Transavia but have gone home in a different way to cancel their journey through the service center,โ€ says the company. โ€œThis will free up a space for other passengers and prevent empty spaces in the planes.โ€

Transavia says seats are still free on all flights, but also warns that the ten flights will not be enough to bring everyone back home. During this period of the year, the company normally flies from the Netherlands to Morocco about 22 times.