Transferrel after duel between women of Twente and Ajax: ‘Bullshitverhaal’

A small transfer rel in the Dutch womens competition. FC Twente trainer Tommy Stroot showed after the 1-0 victory of his team visiting the women of Ajax that the Amsterdammers tried to persuade Twente players to make a transfer to Ajax next season. Thats being denied by Ajax trainer Danny Schenkel.
Twente-coach Stroot is clear after the last whistle. โ€œIts a story of the last few weeks, Id like to mention it anyway. Its not Ajax-worthy. They called some of our players between the two games, to convince them for next season,โ€ he says in front of ESPNs camera.
โ€œIt doesnt matter to us, we were already around with the playersโ€, continues Stroot. โ€œI dont mention names, but I find it unworthy of Ajax that they did it in between the games. It says a lot about them, they may not be so satisfied with the individual qualities they have now. Monday the first player told me that, actually its just fun. It says more about Ajax than about us.โ€
Ajax trainer Danny Schenkel doesn
t want to know anything about the story of Stroot. โ€œI am sorry that he calls that on the camera here. We have shown nicely that we havent approached anyone at all. Its a bullshit story.โ€

๐Ÿ’ธ Transfersoap at @FCTwenteVrouwen and @AjaxVrouwen.โ€ Thats a bullshit storyโ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) May 14, 2021