Transformer-Beasts and Earth in “War for Cybertron” finale trailer

Netflix unveiled the trailer for the final part of an animated trilogy about Transformers called War for Cybertron. In Kingdom, the forces of the Decepticons and Autobots arrive on ancient Earth, where they encounter unusual creatures — predacons and maximals. The characters team up with new allies and begin preparing for the final phase of the battle for the future of the home planet.

However, Megatron‘s team has a secret — the Golden Disc artifact, which gives them an advantage over Optimus Prime. And the heroes have to find a way to overcome the enemy.

All episodes will premiere on Netflix on July 29. More on Gamromania Nintendo Sued Over Failure to Pay $50 Stunkers of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series complain about bad conditions Mobile My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is released on August 5.