Transgender is allowed to go to boys toilet from US judge

An American transgender who went to court because he was not allowed to go to the boys‘ toilet at school has reached the longest end in years of legal struggle. The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to deal with his case on Monday. As a result, a lower court ruling remains in place. She gave the girl born but he felt a boy Gavin Grimm right.

At that

time 15-year-old Grimm was not allowed to use the boy’s toilet at his school in Virginia State in 2014, but had to go to a gender neutral toilet. Grimm refused because he found that stigmatising. According to the previous court ruling, this is contrary to anti-discrimination laws.

Sensitive topic

The Supreme Court was supposed to deal with the case in 2017, but refraining from it after President Trump broke the policy of his predecessor Obama by restraining transgender rights. Obama asked public schools to let their students use toilets and locker rooms according to the gender they identified with.

Transgender rights are a continuing topic of discussion between progressive and conservative Americans in the United States, with the struggle for access to toilets as one of the most sensitive topics.