Trap in abandoned car of Jurgen Conings: ‘Chance of explosions’


trap has been found in the abandoned car of fugitive military Jurgen Conings in the nature reserve Heuvelsven in Dilsen-Stokkem. That‘s what the federal prosecutor’s office of Belgium reports.

According to the Belgian Explosives Service, it is a โ€œsuspicious construction around a trip flareโ€, and ammunition was found in the vehicle, just like four rocket launchers. The explosives squad was able to dismantle the structure.

The Explosives Service writes in a report that โ€œthe possible consequences of going off the trip flare in combination with the ammunition found and the other material are very difficult or even impossible to estimateโ€, but that โ€œthe risk of a violent fire with additional explosions than is not excluded.โ€