Travellers to Abu Dhabi must carry Covid-19 tracking device

International travellers arriving at Abu Dhabi airport will from now on have to wear a Covid-19 tracking device. They will also have to spend fourteen days in quarantine at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Etihad Airways, a state-owned company, stated this in a final travel update.

Daily infections in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have risen this month to their highest level since the outbreak began, largely due to people who do not abide by the rules of social distance.

Those arriving at Abu Dhabi airport receive a medically approved wristband, which is removed after 14 days of home quarantine, Etihad said.

Passengers arriving from high-risk countries may have to be quarantined in a government facility.

An official from the Ministry of Health said that 12% of the coronavirus cases in the previous two weeks came from international arrivals, while 88% were related to people meeting in large groups. The UAE recorded 786 new cases of the coronavirus on Thursday, up from 1007 on Saturday, the largest daily total to date.

The UAE, which has so far registered 82 568 infections and 402 deaths due to Covid-19, does not disclose where the cases are occurring in the country.