Trial against three suspects death George Floyd postponed

An American judge has postponed the trial of three ex-agents prosecuted for the death of George Floyd. The trial doesnt start until March next year, reporting local media in Minneapolis.

Floyd died last year after he was grabbed crackly because he was alleged to have paid with a counterfeit banknote. Police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on Floyds neck for minutes. He was handcuffed on the ground and repeatedly made it clear that he could not breathe.

Video footage of Floyds death caused great indignation in the United States. People went to the streets massively to protest against discrimination and police violence. In some places there was riots and looting.

Chauvin has already been found guilty of killing Floyd. He hears his sentence on June 25th. His former colleagues Thomas Lane, J.A. Kueng and Tou Thao are still being prosecuted for complicity. Their trial was supposed to start in August.

The four ex-cops have another criminal case over their heads as well. Theyre being prosecuted for violating Floyds civil rights. Among other things, the men are reprobated for โ€œconsciously indifferentโ€ when their detained urgently needed medical attention.