Trial Charlie Hebdo terrorists begins: “I live with this forever

Michel Catalano still has a knot in his stomach every morning when he walks into his print shop. It is the place where more than five years ago, on 9 January 2015, two heavily armed men invaded. They were the terrorists Said and Chรฉrif Kouachi, fugitives after the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine a few days earlier.

“How did they get those guns? Why was it so easy? And how did they get to me?” To this day, Catalano has more questions than answers. The printer hopes that this will change in the coming weeks, during the process of the attacks. It starts today in Paris.

Correspondent Frank Renout visited Catalano in his renewed print shop. He talked to him about the events of the ninth of January, and his memories of them:

The Kouachi brothers themselves can no longer serve their sentences. They were killed by police bullets, as they had planned. The same goes for their friend Amedy Coulibaly, who committed a coordinated attack on January 9th in a Jewish supermarket.

However, their accomplices and accomplices are on trial. A total of fourteen men, some of whom have fled to Syria and are therefore absent. All suspects deny that they knew about the plans for an attack, but detectives find that unbelievable. The hope is that they will turn around anyway, and that their statements during the trial will make things clear.

Catalano also hopes for answers. Moreover, he believes, a process is an important part of the processing. “It helps you to understand things, to turn a page in this story.”

He will never forget that day, he knows. “This will always be part of my life. But I am trying to give myself the chance to enjoy life more again. I hope the process helps me do that.”