Trial free care for victims of sexual violence: ‘It’s hard enough to find help’

From tomorrow onwards, victims of sexual violence will no longer have to claim their own risk if they incur medical expenses. They often have to, and for some this is an obstacle.

It’s a one-year trial. The idea is that it lowers the threshold to seek help. Victims can go to a Center for Sexual Violence, often connected to a hospital. There, trace research can be done, but also research into infection with venereal diseases. Psychological help is also provided.

Stories on the perpetrator

The investigation to trace the perpetrator is free of charge, but other medical costs are covered by the excess in the health insurance. Victims can apply for compensation or recover the costs from the perpetrator.

“The right help at the right time can make an important difference for victims of a serious crime such as sexual violence,” says Minister Dekker for Legal Protection. “Seeking help is often difficult enough already, so it is important to remove obstacles as much as possible”

First days

The trial applies to victims who report to a Center for Sexual Violence within seven days. According to Dekker, the first days are the most important for helping victims of sexual violence.

If people reported within a week, the chance of psychological recovery would be greatest.