Trial of the Himalayan liquidation gang resumed: ‘Lives at risk through OM action’

The Public Prosecution Service has put the safety of two Dutch lawyers, suspect Khalid J. and all his family members at risk. That is what lawyer Leon van Kleef said on Wednesday during a preliminary hearing in the Himalaya criminal case against 10 members of an alleged liquidation gang.

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One of those defendants is Khalid J. (36). He is the man who was visited in Dubai in the autumn of 2019 by his lawyers Leon van Kleef and Nico Meijering. What they did not know is that the lawyers were shadowed by the police in Dubai at the request of justice in the Netherlands. Justice thought that the lawyers would meet the most wanted criminal in the Netherlands at that time, Ridouan Taghi. That turned out not to be the case.

The fact that the lawyers were being followed and observed happened to come out. The Public Prosecutor‘s Office thought that the action was lawful, but did not report it itself afterwards.

According to Van Kleef, the safety of the lawyers and of Khalid J was not taken into account at all. After their visit, the police in Dubai were full on Khalid J. sit down, says the lawyer.


Khalid J. himself wrote in a letter that he was threatened with torture. He was told that people knew everything about him and also that his meeting was not with ordinary lawyers. His interrogators threatened to take him to a place where he would cry on his knees begging to be allowed to leave And he was told that he was part of the ‘Angels of Death‘ of Ridouan Taghi. His relatives, up to a cousin of 15, were overheard and followed.

He would also have known about Ridouan Taghi’s commuting between Iran and the Emirates, two countries that are not exactly on good terms with each other. According to Van Kleef, justice in the Netherlands caused Khalid J. to be regarded as a terrorist who had to receive the same treatment as Ridouan Taghi. Both were deported from the country like a hot potato without any extradition request being made.

Purpose justifies means

Van Kleef wants to have the bottom stone over the information that the Netherlands has shared with Dubai. Apparently there is a view that the end justifies the means as long as the suspicion is serious enough

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