Trials of Fire card bagel out on Steam

Independent studio Whatboy Games announced the release of version 1. 0 of its card buttler with elements of the Trials of Fire bagel. The game left the early access, which was located for almost two years, and sold at a release discount, for 334 roubles.

The Trials of Fire combines tactical turn-based battles on hexagonal fields with capabilities building a deck. Players can enhance their heroes by combining their skills with powerful map capabilities.

Players have nine unique character classes, more than 200 items of equipment and more than 300 Improved skill cards. You can play in six different modes, customizing sessions to your liking.

Trials of Fire gets very positive reviews on Steam: from 84% to 91% of buyers recommend the game. More on CCeit Head of Ice-Pick Lodge accused of paedophilia, now filed libel suit ‘Spent’ in first shooter teaser Silly Polly Beast In The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance found cooperative regime.