Tribune bull-fighting arena Colombia collapses: 4 dead, at least 70 injured

In the collapse of a temporary stand of a bullfighting arena in Colombia, four people were killed and at least seventy spectators were injured. There are fears that the death toll is still rising.

A local driver told a radio station that two women, a man and a minor were killed. Theres no one else under the collapsed stand.

Footage of the incident shows how the wooden stand full of spectators suddenly collapses, after which people run away in panic. It happened in an arena in the city of El Espinal in the middle of the country.

Taurus escapes

Things went wrong during a so-called corraleja, a tradition in particular in the north of the country where the public is encouraged to enter the ring themselves to face the bulls.

One of the bulls escaped the stadium during the chaos, leading to even more panic. According to an official, the local hospital and the ambulances cannot cope with the many injured. โ€œWe need help from nearby hospitals, many people havent had treatment yet.โ€

Colombias incoming president, Gustavo Petro, said on Twitter hoping that all the wounded will recover and recalled that a similar accident has already happened in the Colombian city of Sincelejo. โ€œI ask all mayors to stop allowing shows where people or animal lives are at stake.โ€