Tribute to Lara van Ruijven in Thialf

On Wednesday evening in Heerenveen we will say goodbye to Lara van Ruijven. The 27-year-old shorttracker died on 10 July in a hospital in Perpignan from complications caused by an autoimmune reaction.

In and around ice stadium Thialf, a final tribute will be paid to Van Ruijven on Wednesday evening 22 July. The body of the world champion at 500 metres was brought back to the Netherlands last weekend. Wednesday evening, Van Ruijven will be transported to Thialf in a hearse. There the car will make a round on the ice where Van Ruijven trained for years.

It is the intention that Lara will arrive there around 19.45 hours, reports skating club KNSB. After which the car will make a final lap on the ice on which she practised her sport almost daily for the past thirteen years

In Thialf her teammates of the short track team will form a hedge of honour. Friends, fans and other interested parties will have the opportunity to do the same outside the stadium. After this last visit to Thialf, Van Ruijven will be transferred to the Westland, where she spent her youth until she moved to Heerenveen for her short track career.

The Van Ruijven family will say goodbye to her in private.