Trouble between PSV icons: Oh well, hes coming out from under his stone again

Berry van Aerle lashed out at Ronald Waterreus. The latter wrote in his column for De Limburger that he expects managing director Marcel Brands to quit PSV soon. PSV icon Van Aerle responds.
โ€œOh well, theres something wrong with PSV again and hes coming out from under his stone again,โ€ Van Aerle writes on Twitter, with a reference to Waterreuss column. The former goalkeeper blames the supervisory board at PSV for hitting a pig like pliers to say goodbye to Jong de Jong.
โ€œInstead of answering De Jong
s departure, Brands only raised more questions,โ€ Waterreus was critical in his column. โ€œAlthough his body language, unintentionally presumably, did give one very clear answer. In other words: that Brands own departure from PSV is also a matter of time. Waterreuss statements shot into the wrong throat at Van Aerle.

well well, there is something wrong with psv again and he comes crawling out from under his stone again.
โ€” Berry by Aerle (@BVanaerle) September 19, 2022