Troy Baker sang in The Mediums laudatory trailer

Polish studio Blober Team has released a special trailer for its psychological horror The Medium. It is dedicated to the most laudatory reviews and high ratings of the game press. As we have already written, critics perceived the game ambiguously.

Metacritic has an average score of 76 for the RS-version and 71 on the Xbox Series. Nevertheless, The Medium recouped all the costs of its creation, publication and promotion on the first day.

And now the studio has already started work on the next project. The trailer uses the song Fade, written by Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikovsky.

As were performed by Troy Baker, voice actor of The Medium, and actress Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. She sang a number of songs for the soundtracks of games series Silent Hill.

Best of all The Medium works not as a horror, but as a sad mystical detective. It is no coincidence among sources of inspiration the creators call the series โ€œChernobylโ€: Marianna gradually recreates the picture of what happened in the โ€œNivaโ€ and lives the fate of the victims of the disaster.

At the same time, as it should be in a good detective, the first impression is often deceptive, and the attitude towards the characters can change dramatically in the light of new information. Review The Medium.

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