Truck scaled on A27: Merwedebrug closed

By a shaved truck on the Merwedebrug near Gorinchem, the A27 is close in both directions between Werkendam and Avelingen industrial estate. Rijkswaterstaat advises motorists to drive via the A15, A2 and A59. Due to snowfall, it is slippery in the middle and south of the country.

It is expected that the snowfall will expand further north in the coming hours and intensify therewith. reported earlier. From midnight, code red applies because of the combination of snow and strong winds a lot of nuisance is expected.

In many places there can be 10 to 20 centimeters of snow until Sunday evening, and local lake in the east and southeast. In the north and in the far south, the quantities appear to be smaller.

More accidents

Elsewhere, a motorist at high speed collided with a pole. A bystander who saw the accident has provided first aid, reports a photographer on the spot in The Hague. The motorist was then transported to the hospital.

A motorist got into a slip on the A27 near Breda and came to a halt at 180 degrees. A salvage company has pulled the vehicle out of the snow.