Trump about forest fires: ‘It’s going to cool down again

President Trump believes that climate change has nothing to do with the forest fires in his country. According to the President, the fires have become so big because many forests have not been properly maintained. That is what he said in a meeting with his advisers.

Trump says that the fires will go out when it gets colder.

Trumps climate adviser does not agree with his statements. He says that scientists know for sure that fires are caused by climate change. And that Trump must do something about it.


According to scientists it is getting hotter and hotter on earth. Heat waves are becoming more frequent and therefore the soil is getting drier and drier. Trees and plants are also drying out. If a spark is added, large areas of forest can easily catch fire.

Forest areas in the states of California and Oregon have been on fire for days. The fire brigade is trying to put out the fire, but it hardly succeeds. The fires have left thousands of people homeless. Earlier, we spoke to Dutch children who live close to the fires.