Trump alludes to possible participation in presidential elections

Former US President Donald Trump, in a speech on Sunday, alluded to a new participation in the presidential elections. Who knows, I‘m taking part for the third time, said Trump an hour later than planned at CPAC, the annual Conservative Political Congress. Trump’s speech at Congress is his first public performance since he left the White House.

Should Trump take part in the presidential election again, he will do so on behalf of the Republican Party and will not set up his own party. We do not start new parties. We have the Republican Party. It will be united and stronger than ever before, said Trump. Trump also called the first month of his successor Joe Biden the most disastrous month of every president in modern history.

‘Stolen Elections’

Furthermore, Trump repeated his unproven claim that the Democrats had stolen the 2020 presidential election during the speech. They lost the White House, said Trump about the Democratic Party. Trump also called the electoral process sick and corrupt and stated that the Supreme Court and other courts do not want to do anything about this. Trump refers to the many lawsuits he had filed after his election defeat, which were not approved by any court.

Trump remains immensely popular with many conservatives after his presidency. According to a CPAC poll, the conservative constituents, if they were to vote now, would choose Trump as the Republican presidential candidate in 2024, and at 55 percent he remained Governor Ron DeSantis (Florida), the only serious opponent in the poll, well ahead. Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley (3 percent) did even better than political leaders like Mike Pompeo, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.