Trump: “American base should have been bombed”

The US military should have bombed its former military bases in Afghanistan, says former President Donald Trump. First, all U.S. citizens and equipment should have been brought out of the country and then bomb the bases to pieces.

Only after that the military should have left the country. There would not have been chaos, no deaths would have fallen, and the Afghans would not even know we‘re gone, Trump claimed in a statement on Thursday. He also said in an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News that President Bush’s raid in the Middle East might be the biggest mistake in history of the US.

He criticises his successor Joe Biden and his generals, who he holds responsible for the chaotic scenes during the withdrawal after the Taliban victory. Trump himself had given the impetus by concluding an agreement with the Taliban last year. Biden said he was stuck with that deal now, even though at other Trump chords he had no trouble tearing it apart.

The United States Army transferred its bases, including the ones at Kabul, to the Afghan forces upon withdrawal. Lots of equipment and weapons have flown out of the country. But U.S. stuff received by the Afghan Army has now fallen into the hands of the Taliban.