Trump catching up in Arizona, freefall in Georgia

UPDATE 13.52 p.m. – The election campaign in America is still completely open. In Arizona, 11 electors, it becomes more and more exciting as more votes are counted. Republican Donald Trump is approaching his Democratic rival Joe Biden. On the east side of the country, Trump is losing ground in Georgia (16 voters) and Pennsylvania (20 electors). The differences in the last battle ground are minimal.

According to the latest information from Reuters news agency in Arizona, Trump stands at 48.1 percent of the votes and Biden is 50.5 percent. A few hours ago, this was 47.9 percent and 50.7 percent respectively. So Trump is moving in. 86 percent of the votes are now counted in Arizona.

Among other things, the American news channel Fox News predicted very early that Biden had won the election in Arizona. Other media do not dare to do that yet.

Trump supporters demonstrated local time in Arizona on Wednesday night, including for the Maricopa County Electoral Office in Phoenix. The protesters were angry at an unsubstantiated story that votes for the president would deliberately not be counted.

According to Fox News, Biden is on 264 voters, according to The New York Times, 253, Trump now has 214, text runs under the graphic.

According to The New York Times, Fox should never have given the victory in Arizona to Biden. It was known for a long time that the votes that were counted last would often be in Trump‘s advantage.

Trump’s lead in Georgia is getting tighter


President Donald Trump‘s head start over his challenger Joe Biden is getting smaller in the U.S. state of Georgia (16 electors). CNN reports that Biden in the state is just over 18,500 votes behind Trump. According to The New York Times, Trump defended 24,000 votes earlier in the morning, and several media reported that the Republican had 100,000 more voters around midnight.

According to several American media, Biden owes his catch-up to voices from Atlanta and the surrounding area, where many Democrats live. However, votes are also expected from outlying areas where Trump is expected to have been voted for.

A remarkable shift in the US presidential election. President Trump is losing ground with white Americans, but is rewarded by Latinos and black voters. That and more in a new podcast ‘Trump vs. Biden โ€” the Strug‘:

96 percent of the votes are now counted in Georgia. Trump stands at 49.6 percent in several counts and Biden is 49.2 percent. If the difference between candidates is 0.5 percent or less, a recount can be requested in the state, which went to Trump in 2016.

Trump mentioned earlier that he is going to court in Georgia, among other things, to prevent postpost ballots that have arrived late from being counted. In Georgia, only postal votes received until 7 p.m. on election day are counted. Text continues under the tweet.

Head start also declines in Pennsylania


In Pennsylvania, Trump’s lead is shrinking. When 75% of the votes were counted there, he had a 55% head start, now 89% of the votes is 50.7%, compared with 48.1% for Biden.

Lots of numbers, but what does it mean? According to accounting masters of The New York Times, Biden is going to win the state with no less than 20 electors. This is because the votes that were passed last were mostly sent by post.

Where the ‘last voices’ in Arizona are mainly pro-trump, in Pennsylvania they are pro-bidding.

Anyone who calculates the percentage of BIDEN votes among the post-votes with the votes still to be counted comes to the conclusion that ‘blue’ wins, the data journalists already published on Wednesday.


Counting votes has become a hot issue. In several states there were riots and turmoil at polling stations, while inside counted feverishly and Fox News filmed the voting counters and labeled as โ€œreal patriotsโ€ doing their โ€œdemocratic dutyโ€ โ€” a direct attack on Trump‘s plans โ€” several places outside demonstrated.

In some places it was called to ‘count every voice‘, elsewhere it was called to stop the counting process immediately. The president himself, too, gives off various messages in various states, say professors with a legal background.

Where is no counted?

Alaska (3 electors)

In the north-western Alaska, Trump is going well in the lead, and it will probably remain that way. The state is known as a stronghold of the Republicans. The result may be delayed, because according to the latest figures, only 56 percent of the votes were counted in the state where manypeople live in remote places.

Arizona (11 electors)

In the south-western state of Arizona, Biden seems to be heading for victory. Some media have already declared him the winner, but other major news channels are still reluctant. Top driver Katie Hobbs told ABC News that in Maricopa County, where the city of Phoenix is located, 400,000 ballots still need to be counted.

Georgia (16 electors)

Trump takes a close lead in Georgia with 49.6 percent of the votes counted, 0.5 percentage points more than his opponent. In the state, 95 percent of the votes are counted. If the difference between the candidates is 0.5 percent or less, a recount can be requested.

Maine (4 electors)

In Maine, electors can go to several candidates. Two electors go to the candidate who gets the most votes in the entire state. About 87% of the votes would have been counted there. Two more electoral men are divided among the candidates who win in the two separate constituencies.

Michigan (16 electors)

Biden has been named a winner in the northern state by several major media. When around 99% of the votes were counted, he stood ahead with 50.3% against 48.1%. Trump’s team has gone to court to shut down the counting of the votes.

Nevada (6 voters) In

Nevada, about 86 percent of the votes were counted. The local authorities expect it to take until 18.00 Dutch time on Thursday until all votes are counted. Most ballots that still need to be processed would have been sent by post. Biden now stands at 49.3 percent of the vote, compared with 48.7 percent for Trump.

North Carolina (15 electors)

Trump, according to interim figures, is leading 50.1 percent against 48.7 percent in this southern state, where about 95 percent of the expected votes are counted. In North Carolina, postal votes received no later than 12 November can still be counted, provided they are dispatched on time. This means that a complete result can take some time to come.

Pennsylvania (20 electors)

Pennsylvania is seen as one of the most crucial swing states. Around 88 percent of the votes are counted and Trump is leading, with 50.8% of the expected votes compared with 47.9 percent for Biden. Postal votes can still be accepted in the State for up to three days after the election day. They must have been sent to the mail in time. Pennsylvania is one of the states where Trump‘s team has filed a lawsuit to stop voting counting. A recount can also take place if the difference between the candidates is ultimately very small.

Wisconsin (10 electors)

In this major swing state, 99 percent of the votes are counted. The difference between Trump and Biden is less than one percent. The president could count on 48.8 percent of the vote, his rival Biden at 49.4 percent. American media have already identified Biden as the winner. Trump’s team is demanding a recount.