Trump continues to be the “undisputed leader” of the Republican Party

Trump 2024 caps, America First mouthcaps and even a golden statue of Donald Trump. It‘s all on display at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the annual party for Conservative America. The event in Florida breathes (the ideas of) former President Donald Trump. In the run-up to his speech tonight, the public is wondering if Trump is running again for the presidential election in 2024.

He is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party, says Vernon Jones, the former Democratic Congressman in Georgia, who switched to the Republicans. Trump has taken over the party. He does not disappear, and his followers become bigger and stronger by the day.

He has definitely left his mark on the Republican Party, notes Paul Gosar, Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives. If he wants to be president again in 2024, he’s guaranteed to win.

The fact that the Republican Party has been taken over by Trumpism became particularly clear after the storm of the Capitol on January 6. Only a small number of established Republicans expressed their disgust and condemned Trump for his contribution. An overwhelming majority remained behind their president.

Matt Gaetz, member of the Florida House of Representatives, believes that the storming absolutely not has created more divisions in the party. The capital should not have been violated like that, but I don‘t think there’s any more divisive now. He speaks of a mission to the Republican Party. Are we going back to the established order, or are we going to continue with America First?

Also, according to Dave Bratt, former member of the Tea Party populist movement, the Republican Party is not divided at all. The regular media want to give you the idea that there is a break in the party, but nothing is less true. Walk around here and ask the people: what do you think of China? And immigration? And the election? You get unambiguous answers. The new Republican Party is Trump‘s party.


At the four-day conference CPAC – which started Thursday – the speakers are almost all pronounced TRUMP supporters. It’s not for nothing that Donald Trump Jr. calls the CPAC conference the TPAC.

The last presidential elections are only just over, but next year, important interim elections will be scheduled. The Republicans hope to regain the majorities in Congress and Senate.

Candidates take into account the influence of Trump. You know you need the support of the former president, says René Borghese, Senate candidate for Delaware. If you see that most of the Republican Party is still behind Trump, you need to change your message accordingly.

Trump 2024?

Is Trump going to do another throw at presidency in 2024? Roger Stone, the man who once seduced Trump into politics, holds himself on the plain, but, If he makes himself available, we nominate him. We love Donald Trump.