Trump critical of raid at lawyer Giuliani: ‘Very, very unfair’

Former US President Donald Trump has criticized the prosecutions investigation into his former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. โ€œIts very, very unfair,โ€ says Trump to Fox Business Network. โ€œRudy is a patriot who loves his country. I dont know what they were looking for or what theyre doing.โ€

This week, the authorities raided the office and apartment of Giuliani, who was formerly top prosecutor and mayor of the city of millions. They took phones and computers there. Giuliani worked as a lawyer for Trump over the past few years.

In this capacity, Giuliani tried, among other things, to obtain information in Ukraine that was detrimental to political rival Joe Biden, whose son Hunter worked for a large gas company in the Eastern European country. An explosive story about Hunter of the New York Post was blocked by Twitter, to the great dissatisfaction of conservative America. Not much later, his father Joe won the election.

Lobbying legislation

The authorities suspect Giuliani of breaching lobbying laws according to the search warrant. He wouldnt have given up representing a foreign party. American media write that Giuliani would have lobbied the Trump administration on behalf of Ukrainian top figures.

Giuliani contradicts the accusations. He reproined the authorities of โ€œmeasuring double standardsโ€ by prosecuting him and ignoring โ€œshameless crimesโ€ of Democrats. His lawyer called the raids unnecessary, because Giuliani would have already shown willingness to voluntarily answer questions from prosecutors. President Biden swears not to have insisted on the raid and says that justice is acting independently.