Trump denies that he called killed soldiers losers and suckers

President Trump firmly denies that he has spoken disdainfully about U.S. servicemen being killed, wounded or taken prisoner of war. To journalists, he called the allegation that he had spoken negatively about them a total lie.

“It’s a shame. Nobody’s done as much for the U.S. Armed Forces as I have,” Trump said:

Trump responds to an article in The Atlantic magazine that says he has called fallen Americans “losers” on several occasions. He would have done so in France, for example, when he cancelled a last-minute visit to an American war cemetery in 2018, where 1800 American soldiers lie who died in 1918 in the First World War.

According to sources from The Atlantic, he didn’t want to go because it was raining and his haircut would go out of style and because he didn’t understand why the fallen should be honored. “Why do I have to go to that cemetery”, he would have said. “He’s full of losers.” He would also have called the 1800 fallen soldiers “losers.”

Good guys

The fallen Americans helped stop the German advance to Paris in the spring of 1918. Trump would also have said that he did not understand why the Americans had to help the French and English there. “Who were the good guys in this war anyway?” he would have asked.

To journalists yesterday Trump repeated the statement he also gave in 2018. He would have cancelled the visit to the military cemetery because a helicopter flight was not possible due to the bad weather and the intelligence services did not want him to go there by car. “The Secret Service told me you can’t go there. I said, ‘I have to go there. I want to be there. But they said, ‘You really can’t.'”

Trump retweeted a tweet from an employee who claims he was deeply disappointed when he couldn’t go to the cemetery.

According to sources of The Atlantic, Trump, who escaped military service himself, doesn’t understand that people voluntarily do something they don’t make money from, like fighting for the fatherland. This attitude would also have been shown on other occasions. For example, he would have called former president Bush sr. a loser because he was shot down as a war pilot in the war against Japan.

He also expressed his disapproval of Senator John McCain, who spent five years in North Vietnamese captivity. During his campaign for the Republican nomination he said in 2015 that McCain was not a war hero and that he loved people who didn’t let themselves be captured. The Atlantic now writes that he was annoyed when he saw flags hanging at half-mast after McCain’s death in 2018. “That guy was a fucking loser,” he would have exclaimed.


Another incident would have occurred in 2017, when he and his minister John Kelly visited the grave of his son, who had died in Afghanistan, at the Arlington military cemetery. According to sources of The Atlantic, Trump was supposed to pay his respects to the fallen soldiers, but he would have failed to do so and asked Kelly: “I don’t understand. What good was it for them to be there?”

A general, a friend of Kelly’s, tells The Atlantic that Trump made this remark because he cannot imagine anyone doing anything for anyone else or for a bigger cause. “He thinks anyone who does something that doesn’t directly benefit him is a sucker. He also can’t imagine doing anything for someone else’s grief. That’s why he says something like that to the father of a fallen Marine.”


His Democratic rival John Biden says in response to the article in The Atlantic that if these revelations are true, they are yet another proof of how much he and Trump disagree. “If I have the honor of becoming the next president, I will assure the American heroes that I will always support and honor them”.