Trump Government seized data from Democrats with Apple

The U.S. Department of Justice summon Apple during the early period of Donald Trump‘s presidency to obtain information about at least two Democratic People’s Representatives, their employees and their families. One of them was the leading Democrat Adam Schiff, reports The New York Times based on initiates.

According to the newspaper, prosecutors tried to find out who were the sources of the media, who reported contacts between Trump employees and Russia at the time. The suspicions of Justice focused on Democratic members of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee. Schiff is chairman today and was the most important Democrat of that time.


The files of at least 12 people – including a minor child – who had a link to the committee were seized in 2017 and early 2018. Apple would only have provided metadata and account information, not photos, emails, or other content. Ultimately, that data and other evidence could not show that the media leak came from the commission.

Apple also got a duty of silence that went this year. As a result, politicians couldn‘t know they were being investigated until the electronics company informed them about that this month. The Justice investigation was later reopened during Trump’s presidency.

In a response to Reuters news agency, Schiff informs that last month the ministry informed the commission that the investigation was closed. โ€œI think more answers are needed,โ€ he says and calls for further investigation. He is welcomed by President of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.