“Trump has cold complaints”, daughter and vice president not infected

A little more is known about the state of President Donald Trump, who announced earlier today that he had been tested positive for coronavirus. According to the newspaper The New York Times, the president is struggling with cold complaints.

Trump didnt want to say anything about his condition, but a White House spokesman reports that these are mild complaints. Trump is still working from the White House, assured the spokesman. White House physician Sean Conley further said that Trump will continue to work without interruption.

Risk group

Republican senator Lindsey Graham said hes been in contact with Trump, and that the president sounds cheerful. Trump and his wife were tested because Hope Hicks, a top advisor to Trump, is infected with the virus. Trump is 74 years old and therefore falls within the risk group. He needs to be quarantined for now.

People have also been tested for corona in the Democratic camp. Whether the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is contaminated is still unknown. Last Tuesday, President Trump entered into a debate with Biden. The two did not shake hands, but stood about three meters away from each other, without wearing a mouthcap.

The Democrats candidate tweeted earlier today that he wishes his opponent a prosperous recovery.

Pence negative tested

Meanwhile Mike Pence, Trumps vice president and running mate in the elections, has also been tested. He doesnt have the virus, let his spokesman know. News agencies report that Pence and Trump have to work separately for the time being. That goes for their staff, too.

Trumps daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner also received a negative test result. The two are not only related to the president, but also play an important advisory role within the White House. Tuesday they accompanied the president and his advisor Hicks to the debate with Biden.

Nancy Pelosi, President of the House of Representatives, said earlier today that she is in mind with the President, but added that she hopes that the contagion will be a learning moment for him. Heads of State or Government, such as Russian President Putin and British Prime Minister Johnson, have wanted Trump to get better.

Trumps contagion has consequences for the presidential election, which will take place in four weeks. Because the president is infected and thus potentially contagious, he is not allowed to go for his campaign for the time being. The question is whether he can participate in the second presidential debate with Biden on 15 October in Miami.

At the beginning of the coronacrisis, it was Trump who trivialized the effects of the virus. For example, he initially refused to wear a mouthcap and said that the high levels of infection were the result of large-scale testing in his country.