Trump ice rinks remain open

The people of New York may hate him, but Trump‘s skating rink in Central Park has to keep everyone off. And so the city council had no choice but to reverse the decision to close the skating rinks.

In a fit of political correctness/mind-bewilderment, the city council of New York decided to punish Trump following the storm of the Capitol in Washington on 6 January by closing his two skating rink in the city โ€” the Wollman and Lasker rink. The sight of Trump’s name that appears on the ice sweeping machines had become too much for the city drivers.

The Blasio

But the city council – led by the Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio – had counted the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who grew up with skates among the skyscrapers.

This Sunday, when one complaint came to the city administration via social media, the administration did not know how quickly the decision could be reversed. Until further notice, the skating rinks remain open.

That won‘t be more than a few weeks, as the mayor’s office said. โ€œMake no mistake, we will no longer do business with the Trump Organization in the future. Inciting an insurrection is not something we will forget or forgive,โ€ says the spokesperson for Mayor Bill Neidhardt.

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