Trump leaves note in White House for Biden

Despite the extensive security measures in Washington surrounding the inauguration of Joe Biden as the new President of the United States, the new head of state decided to walk to the White House.

He took the last part of the presidential parade hand in hand with his wife Jill, in front of the cameras, of course.

Along the route to his office there were hardly any people due to the extreme security measures following the storm of the Capitol two weeks ago. A sloppy 25,000 soldiers had been picked up to lead everything in the right direction, just like thousands of agents from the city, parliament and FBI.

In the White House, Biden immediately received a welcome message. Traditionally, a departing president always leaves a note for his successor. Donald Trump may lack other traditions — such as attending the inauguration — but did not miss this opportunity.

Whats on the note remains between the two gentlemen, according to a spokesperson for Trump.

Meanwhile Joe Biden has responded to the note. A very nice note, Biden hinted, although he refused to disclose the exact content. Because its private, I dont talk about it until I talk to him about it, CNN quoted the president shortly after he moved in to the White House.


A lot of time to relax Biden does not give himself. He has to go to jail with the coronapandemic and is also launching a comprehensive support package for American companies and households.

He will also immediately reverse or stop a number of policies of his predecessor, including the construction of the wall with Mexico and the decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement. That last treaty has now been restored with a presidential decree.