Trump must transfer tax returns to justice

The US Supreme Court has ruled that former President Trump must release his tax returns. Justice wants to investigate the financial situation of his business empire.

The former president wanted to keep the numbers secret. A prosecutor in New York will now have access to the documents. Trump went to the highest court twice to prevent his records from getting into the hands of justice.

Trump accused the prosecutor after the verdict of โ€œfishing for information.โ€ According to him, the Supreme Court should never have gone along with that. โ€œI keep fighting, just as I have done for the past five years,โ€ he said in a statement circulated by his office.

The prosecutor, the Democrat Cyrus Vance, has been investigating the financial situation and accounting of Trumps companies for several years. The documents should provide an insight into whether there is a conflict of interest.

The Democrats want to know what Trumps business empire looks like, his ties to foreign investors, and to whom he owes money. โ€œEvery day that expires increases the chance of losing evidence,โ€ wrote Vances legal team last year.