Trump pressured officials: ‘There were no votes to find’

On the fourth day of the Capitol storming hearings, senior election officials explained in great detail how they were pressured by former President Trump in the run-up to January 6, 2021. Officials were responsible for counting votes in the states of Arizona and Georgia in 2020, where profits went to Biden with small difference.

Trump and his team of lawyers tried to convince officials that fraud had been committed. Evidence of that has never been provided, and judges have swept off the table all objections raised by Trump and his team.

Trumps pressure was greatest in the state of Georgia. Biden won the vote with a relatively small difference, and so Trump asked Georgias chief election officer to โ€œfind 11,780 votesโ€ in a clamping 67-minute phone call.

No votes to be found

โ€œThere were no votes to be found, because we had already done two recounts and Trump fell short in all counts,โ€ Brad Raffensperger, Republican himself, said about it. He says he and his team investigated all the allegations very thoroughly, but Trump wouldnt accept it. Threats followed.

The recording of the phone call that was played during the interrogation this afternoon shows Trump saying Raffensperger is at great risk. That dishonesty and incompetence prevented them from finding the necessary number of votes. If Raffensperger insists there hasnt been a crime, Trump says thats a very dangerous thing to say.

Convince family

Raffenspergers colleague, Gabe Sterling, stated how difficult it was to refute Trumps incorrect allegations. That people said โ€œwith their heartโ€ to believe that fraud had been committed, regardless of the facts. Sterling stated that he was not able to convince even his family members that the election result was fair.

Witnesses also included the Republican leader of the Arizona State House of Representatives, Russell Bowers. In an emotional statement, he shared that Trump and his team had pressured him over and over again to have Trumps election defeat invalidated in Arizona. Evidence of fraud was never given to him.

He was also ordered to appoint fake electors who would vote for Trump. He refused that.

20,000 emails

Bowers came under heavy pressure on this. His office received at least 20,000 emails, voice mail messages and text messages with threats up to and including death threats.

โ€œIt swept our office and we couldnt work, let alone communicate,โ€ he said. According to him, the harassment continued afterwards. There were protests at his home and other threats. They also continued when his daughter was very ill. A man with a gun verbally threatened a neighbor.

โ€œIt was terrible, it was terrible,โ€ Bowers told the committee. He stated that he had campaigned before Trump and also wanted him to be re-elected.

Ballot staff

The hearing concluded today with the emotional testimonies of two ballot officers, a mother and daughter, who said they were destroyed by Trump and his lawyers. After the elections, they were accused of embezzling ballots.

According to Wandrea โ€œShayeโ€ Moss, her life has not been the same since and she does not dare to leave the house anymore. By the weight of the words of the President of the United States. Her mother had to flee her home in the run-up to January 6 because the FBI said her life was in danger.

None of the staff at the polling station where they worked voluntarily has since gone back because of fear that might happen to them. According to the committee, for example, there is still a danger to the democratic process due to intimidation.

โ€œThe system kept it, but it just kept it,โ€ said commissioner Adam Schiff in conclusion. โ€œThe question is whether it will hold the weather next time.โ€