Trump proud that he did not start a war

When he farewell as President of the United States, Trump said he was particularly proud that he did not start a war. As โ€œfirst president in decadesโ€, he did not start any new wars, according to Trump in a video message to the American people.

Trump calls to pray for the success of his successor Joe Biden. The president has so far refused to acknowledge Biden‘s victory.

According to him, his defeat is due to fraud. Those allegations, according to critics, but also according to his most loyal adjutants, led to the storming of Parliament in Washington by Trump supporters.

Trump emphasises that ‘now that I surrender power to a new government‘, the movement ‘we have started‘, is just ‘at the beginn‘. โ€œThere’s never been anything like this.โ€


Well, Trump emphasized that America is a country of ‘peace-loving’ people. โ€œEveryone was shocked by the horrendous attack on the Capitals. Political violence is an attack on everything we stand for. It should never be tolerated.โ€

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Trump also broke a lance for freedom of speech. โ€œTo stop a free and open debate goes against our principles. America is not a timid nation of weak souls that we have to defend against annoying opinions.โ€ Censorship and blackmailing must stop, according to the president.


Trump also mentioned the โ€œChina virusโ€ that struck at a time when, according to the president, relations with China would have improved. โ€œWithout that virus, everything would have been different. We built the biggest economy ever. Incomes went up. The American dream came true again. It was a miracle!โ€

Trump also reiterated his victories over ISIS, support for Israel and peace deals in the Middle East.