Trump puts lawyer off legal team

Donald Trump‘s attorney team is distanging from Sidney Powell after wild claims about ballot box fraud. Although she recently held a press conference with Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani’s team is now saying that Powell is not one of them.

โ€œ Sidney Powell works as a lawyer aloneโ€, says in a short press release from the team. โ€œShe‘s not part of Trump’s legal team.โ€

On November 14, President Trump had tweeted that Powell had been added to โ€œa truly fantastic team of lawyers and representativesโ€ led by Giuliani. He doesn‘t say why he’s distancing himself from her now.

Hugo Chavez

American media speculate that some unsubstantiated allegations made by Powell may even have been too gorous even Giualiani, although in the past he has also made unfounded accusations about the elections. In the press conference he held with her, Powell argued without proof that Venezuelan leader Hugo Chรกvez had had the software of American ballot box machines designed.


also said she would prove ballot box fraud โ€œof biblical proportionsโ€ in Georgia and demanded the resignation of Republican governor Kemp in the state because he would have enabled a Bid victory. Her announcement to โ€œblow up Georgiaโ€ she did not live up to now.

Response via client

President Trump has not yet responded to Giuliani‘s action. Since Powell is currently banned from Twitter, she’s letting Michael Flynn respond. The disgraced general is her client.

โ€œ She understands the press release and agreesโ€, tweets Flynn. โ€œShe continues to try to prove the massive ballot box fraud that robbed the people of their votes on President Trump.โ€

Last weekend, President Trump lost another major lawsuit over the outcome in the state of Pennsylvania. That means more than thirty cases he has brought have come to naught.