Trump refuses to extend deadline for TikTok

The American deadline for the parent company of the Chinese music video app TikTok will not be extended. “It will be closed, or they will sell it,” said President Trump to the US press.

The app will be banned in the US on 15 September if it is still in the hands of a Chinese company. The US sees a security risk in TikTok. The Chinese government could access US user data through the parent company, but according to TikTok, this is not the case.

The parent company announced earlier that the deadline is unlikely to be met. New Chinese regulations have led to delays in the negotiations. At the last minute, the Chinese government has included in export regulations that such a takeover by a foreign company cannot happen without Beijings consent.

If there is no takeover in the short term, the app may no longer be offered in Apples and Googles app stores from 15 September. What consequences this will have for Dutch TikTok users is not yet clear.

Will China be watching your TikTok? CCeit Stories researched it, check their findings in the video: