Trump removes travel restrictions Europe, UK and Brazil

United States President Donald Trump will soon lift travel restrictions for foreigners who have recently been to Brazil or large parts of Europe. According to two officials, those restrictions are no longer in force from 26 January.

As early as November, the US government was considering lifting the restrictions that were introduced at the beginning of last year. Meanwhile, for lifting is support from public health officials and members of the corona task force. Restrictions expire on the same day the policy enforces anyone wishing to travel to be able to show a negative corontest.

Due to the restrictions, foreigners who had been in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland or the 26 Schengen countries in the most recent two weeks were unable to enter the US. The restrictions for travellers from Europe have been there since March. Since May, travellers from Brazil have been subject to the same policy.

Negative Test

The head of the US Center for Disease Prevention signed a warrant that makes a negative corontest mandatory for travelers to the US last week. Airlines hoped that the new test requirements would pave the way for lifting travel restrictions. Since these were in force, air traffic between the US and some European countries has decreased by as much as 95%. In recent days, the aviation lobby would have put the necessary pressure on the White House.

The British news agency Reuters, which first reported on Monday that US restrictions on travellers from Europe, the UK and Brazil are being lifted, had previously reported that the White House is not planning to do the same for travelers from China and Iran.