Trump says goodbye: ‘I am proud of everything we have achieved’

US President Trump has said goodbye to his term of office in the White House in a final video message. In a 20-minute speech, he thanked several people and summarized what he achieved in his four years as president. The name of future president Joe Biden was not mentioned.

โ€œ I‘m really proud of everything we’ve achieved,โ€ Trump started his statement. โ€œWe did everything we wanted to do and so much more. This week is the inauguration of a new governance, we pray that they succeed in keeping America safe and prosperous.โ€

Among other things, Trump said that he had chosen not the path of least resistance, but rather the most difficult way:

It‘s the last day of Trump’s tenure. Tomorrow the inauguration of Joe Biden will take place in Washington, D.C. Yesterday, first lady Melania Trump said goodbye with a speech.

In Trump‘s enumeration of goals achieved, the economy passed frequently. โ€œWe created the best economy in the history of the world,โ€ said Trump. Last year, things went slightly worse with the advent of the coronavirus, he continued, โ€œbut the US still has a better economy than other countriesโ€.

Trump also said he was proud to be the first president in decades, among whom the US has not become involved with the deployment of troops in a new military conflict. He also praised the โ€œ450 miles of mighty new wallโ€ between Mexico and the US. โ€œI have entered into the difficult battles. That’s what you wanted from me.โ€


According to Trump, the world has finally regained respect for the US and it is important not to lose that respect. He also referred to last week‘s storming of the Capitol. โ€œAll Americans were shocked by the attack. Political violence is an attack on everything we consider important as Americans. We will never tolerate this.โ€

Trump closed his speech optimistically. โ€œNow that I am transferring power to a new government on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we have started has only just begun. (…) I’m optimistic that the best is yet to come. Thank you and good-bye.โ€