Trump setback: investigation confirms Arizona defeat

Donald Trump also lost his rival Joe Bidens biggest county in Arizona in last years presidential election. That concludes an organization that had been asked by Republicans in the state to review the results again. However, this does not seem to end the discussion of possible electoral fraud.

Trump has kept insisting that fraud cost him votes in the election, but was unable to prove that he lost to rumbling. The Cyber Ninjas companys research even reveals the opposite. Trump received 261 votes less than expected in Maricopa County. Biden got just 99 more, US media reports.

Close victory

That county is important because Democrat Biden won only a few in the election in Arizona, where more than 7 million people live. He got about 10,000 votes in that state more than Republican Trump. In Maricopa County, the difference was bigger. Biden ended up running around 45,000 votes ahead of his rival.

The Arizona investigation was largely funded by Trump supporters and right-wing groups. They put about 6.7 million dollars (5.7 million euros) on the table. The research results have now been presented in the Arizona Senate. โ€œThe truth is the truth and the numbers are what they are,โ€ Republican Senate President Karen Fann concluded.


Trump had claimed in a written statement on Friday before the publication of the investigation report that the investigation revealed that โ€œundeniably fraud is involved.โ€ Hundreds of supporters of the former president had gone to Arizonas capital for the official presentation of the research results.

It is questionable whether Trump and his supporters are being reminded by the report. While the outcome of the investigation is hardly different from the official election results, investigators say they have stumbled upon potential abuses. For example, more than 10,000 voters might have voted in multiple counties.

Maricopa County authorities responded annoyed to such allegations. They complain in an official statement on Twitter that Cyber Ninjas has dealt with data supplied in a messy way. Information would be twisted to paint the image โ€œthat something went wrong.โ€

There has been several months of discussion about the companys reliability of the research conducted. Cyber Ninjas top man Doug Logan, according to The New York Times, has spread the unproven theory that Trump had lost in Arizona by being rocked with tuners.