Trump takes new step: Supreme Court to move on Pennsylvania

UDPATE 00.35 a.m. – Attorneys from the Republican Party in Pennsylvania have asked the US Supreme Court to order the state not to count votes received by post after the elections. Meanwhile, Trump‘s loss is growing in Georgia. He now stands for 4000 votes behind that โ€” which also seems quite generous in a recount.

President Trump has been questioning the conditions surrounding the polls for several days. According to him, the constitution of the United States is at stake. He’s upset about vote controllers who, according to the Republicans, were not allowed to join the trial. Trump seems to be focusing mainly on Pennsylvania, where no less than 20 electors can be won. In that state โ€” which may turn out to be crucial โ€” Joe Biden now runs a lot with 13,558 votes more than Trump.

โ€œ Pennsylvania has behaved in a terribly legal manner,โ€ said the President on Friday. He saw a 500,000 vote head start in the crucial state being pulverized over the last few days. โ€œHopefully, the United States Supreme Court will correct this.โ€

โ€œ This is no longer about a single election. It‘s about the integrity of the entire electoral process,โ€ says Trump in a statement distributed by his campaign team. โ€œWe have said from the outset that all valid ballots should be counted and illegal ballots should not be counted. The Democrats have opposed this simple premise on every occasion.โ€

Not many votes

The Minister of the Interior of the State Kathy Boockvar has already ordered to keep the votes that came in between Wednesday and Friday separately. She already did that in connection with another lawsuit. The lawyers ask the highest American court to uphold that decision and that โ€œnothing happensโ€ to those votes. According to Boockvar, it’s not about large numbers of votes. According to her, they would not change the outcome of the elections.

Trump has suggested that an illegal vote was taken, although there is no evidence that such a thing has happened on a large scale. Also, he says that the elections are โ€œstolen.โ€ The president promised not to use any legal means to ensure that Americans can maintain confidence in their government. โ€œI will never give up the fight for you and our country,โ€ he stressed.

Biden catches up behind

โ€œThe false prediction that Joe Biden is the winner is based on results in four states that are far from definitive,โ€ says campaign leader Matt Morgan. He alludes to major abuses in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has for the time being caught up with his initially gigantic backlog of President Donald Trump in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania (20 electors). Enough reason, according to Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney of Capital Philadelphia, to โ€œput on his big boy pantsโ€ and acknowledge his defeat. However, that defeat is not yet certain, according to American media.

However, Biden is now leading in Arizona (11), Nevada (6) and Georgia (16).

Biden leads in Nevada, Arizona and Georgia

Biden has also increased its lead over President Donald Trump in the state of Nevada. The Democrat has so far received 627,104 votes against 606,967 for the President. The state with the gambling cities of Las Vegas and Reno accounts for six voters. Thursday, the difference between the two kemphans was 11,000 votes.

There are still a lot of votes in the state, which is starting to lead to more and more criticism. According to the authorities, it is at least 63,000 postal votes. In addition, there are 60,000 votes cast subject to reservation. People can issue them if, for example, they have not received a ballot from home, or if there are errors in the voter registration list or printed on the original ballot. These ballots still have to be checked whether they are valid and whether the voter, for example, has not already voted before.


Biden continues to lead Arizona, but his lead over President Donald Trump is getting smaller. Counted voting totals from the state‘s main county released in Friday, Trump made up for several thousand votes, but the difference between the two candidates was nearly 39,000 votes. In the state, 220,000 votes still have to be counted.

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Biden has caught up with Trump in swing state Georgia (16 electors). Biden now has 4000 votes more than its opponent, or 0.1 percent more. The Minister of the Interior of the State said Friday to count on a recount due to the minor differences. โ€œThe margin is so small, there will be a recount in Georgiaโ€,predicted top driver Brad Raffensperger.

In Georgia, about 1% of the votes still have to be counted.

If the difference in votes between the two candidates is less than 0.5 percentage point, Georgia rules allow a recount to be requested after all votes have been counted. President Trump’s campaign team has already indicated that it will do so.

Biden stands now on 253 electors against 214 for Trump.

Some media have already given the victory in state Arizona to Biden and have him on 264 electors. This would mean that the Democratic challenger needs six more electors for the victory (270 electoral men).

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This is the stand in the undecided states:

Georgia (16 electors)

Joe Biden has eliminated his backlog of Donald Trump in Georgia and is now in the lead. Some 99% of the votes are counted. Due to the minimal difference, it certainly comes to a recount in this state.

Pennsylvania (20 voters)

In Pennsylvania, Trump‘s lead also fell sharply, from a head start of hundreds of thousands of votes to nothing. Biden caught up with Trump in the decisive state on Friday.

Arizona (11 electors)

In Arizona, Biden’s lead over Trump became smaller. From 70,000 to about 47,000. Arizona has already been assigned to Biden by press agency AP. Some other media, including The New York Times and CNN, still consider the state to be undecided.

North Carolina (15 voters)

In North Carolina, Trump had a lead of 76,000 votes in the evening on Thursday. About 95% of the votes are counted there. More than 150,000 ballots are still waiting to be counted. North Carolina expects to be able to give a final result until next week.

Nevada (6 electors)

In Nevada, Biden has a head start. 11 percent of the votes still need to be counted there. The Trump Team is accusing the Democrats of fraud in the state. Also, the president has established his hopes on Las Vegas, where the casinos may suffer from possible Democratic lockdowns.

Alaska (3 voters)

In Alaska, no winner has yet been declared. The state does not start counting the votes cast early or by post until next week. In Alaska, 56 percent of the votes are counted. The state is expected to go to Trump.