Trump to historians: coronavaccin was made under our administration

The news that the vaccine from the American company Moderna is 94.5 percent effective, says Joe Biden โ€œhopeful.โ€ As with recent similar reports about the Pfizer vaccine, the Democrat warns that it will take months before it can be used. Trump will also be back on his favourite medium on Monday.

Americans must continue to observe distance and wear mouthcaps to control the virus, Biden tweets further. In the US, infection records are broken every day, the country also counts by far the highest number of deaths from Covid-19. Biden thanks the care staff who work โ€œin the front linesโ€ against the virus.

President Trump recalled on Twitter that the great vaccine discoveries were made during his reign, sending his message to โ€œgreat historians.โ€ Earlier this day, he had called the presidential elections the โ€œmost fraudulentโ€ ever, without proving it. โ€œI won the election,โ€ he tweeted again.


The vaccine from Moderna, according to preliminary research results, is 94.5 percent effective in preventing infection, reported by the pharmaceutical company Monday. No major safety problems have been revealed during testing. Competitor Pfizer previously reported that his potential vaccine is 90 percent effective.