Trump-voting father Lady Gaga still proud of daughter

He would have preferred to see another president sworn in, but Joe Germanotta was proud that his daughter sang the American anthem on Wednesday at the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Lady Gaga was very nervous about her performance, so Joe tells Fox News. โ€œWe did facetimed this morning and we prayed with the priest of our church.โ€ Where his daughter is an outspoken supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, voted pa Gaga on their opponent Donald Trump. Yet he enjoyed the performance of Lady Gaga. โ€œI‘m just as proud of her. I thought she was doing so well. She sang strong and really put her soul in it.โ€

On Tuesday, the singer’s father got a shot of the outfit she was going to wear; a dress from fashion house Schiaparelli consisting of a dark blue jastop and a huge red skirt. โ€œShe sent me a picture and I sent back a message asking if she had hidden a car under it or something,โ€ Joe joked.