‘Trump wanted armed rioters to Capitol’

Former President Donald Trump knew that part of the rioters were armed in the run-up to the Capitol Storm. A former high-ranking employee has declared that under oath against members of Congress. โ€œI don‘t give a damn about them carrying gunsโ€ and โ€œlet them throughโ€ Trump would have said.

Republican Cassidy Hutchinson told this on the sixth day of the Capitol storming hearings on January 6 last year. She was then the right-hand man of Trump’s last chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

โ€œThey‘re not going to hurt meโ€

In two hours, Hutchinson came to the former president with a series of explosive allegations. The most striking was that Trump would have urged his team not to control the crowd for weapons. While he was warned by the intelligence services that part was armed, says Hutchinson.

โ€œThey’re not going to hurt meโ€ and โ€œthey‘re allowed to march to the Capitol from here,โ€ Trump said, according to the former employee. In the storming that followed, several people were killed. Hundreds of rioters and officers were injured.

Trump seized for the wheel

Trump wanted to attend the protest march towards the Capitol, Hutchinson continued. She told that the president initially thought he was being brought to the demonstration with his armored presidential limo ‘the beast‘.

Trump was furious when he was told he was being returned to the White House, Hutchinson stated on a conversation with Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Ornato:

โ€œI’m the fuckin‘ president, take me to the Capitol now,โ€ Trump would have shouted. When the secret service agent driving the limo refused to turn around, Trump grabbed to the wheel from the back seat. Hutchinson stated that based on a conversation with Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Ornato. Subsequently, the president would also have tried to get hold of the driver.

Trump dismisses it as fake news. On his social media platform Truth Social, the former president says he never took the wheel. He also firmly denies that he smashed a sign against the wall several times in the White House, as Hutchinson also stated.

Ketchup against the wall

According to her, this happened, for example, when Trump heard his then-Justice Secretary William Barr declare on TV that he saw no evidence of large-scale mail-voting fraud. Hutchinson says she walked into the room and saw that the ketchup was against the wall and a sign of it was shattered on the floor.

The Republican Party dismisses Hutchinson’s testimony as tall tales. The hearings, according to Republican politicians, are part of a witch hunt against Trump.


In previous hearings, senior officials stated how they were being pressured by the then president and his team. Trump wanted evidence of large-scale election fraud at all costs. But the evidence for that has never been found. Judges swept off the table claims about unfair elections.

The next hearings are expected to take place in July. This will include the question of who directed the storming of parliament by extremist groups.