Trump wanted elections fraudulent

Former US President Donald Trump wanted the presidential election to be declared โ€œdishonestโ€ by his Justice Department last year. He hoped to overcome his election defeat with this unprecedented step, reports The New York Times.

The Republican would have said in a telephone conversation at the end of December with Justice Minister Jeffrey Rosen and his deputy Richard Donoghue: โ€œTell me that the elections were fraudulent and leave the rest to me.โ€ It was Trumps response to Donoghues statement that his ministry could not change the outcome of the elections. Trump even threatened to replace Rosen.

A parliamentary committee made the text of the phone call public after The New York Times quoted out. Its about Donoghues handwritten notes. Parliament is examining Trumps attempts to discredit the elections and even reverse the results.

Biden abided from secrecy

The committee received the Donoghue text from the Ministry of Justice. Typically, the government does not provide parliament notes about the Presidents talks with members of his government. In this case, the Ministry of Justice of Democratic President Joe Biden withdrew secrecy because it concerns possible violations of an ex-president as a person. Its not a government action that deserves protection, The New York Times said about the trade-off.

After the November 3 elections, Trump spoke of โ€œmass election fraudโ€ and put pressure on election officials, for example in the state of Georgia. However, dozens of courts have rejected alleged fraud claims.

Tax returns

Meanwhile, there are other things about Trumps person as well. The US Department of Justice considers that the tax authorities should hand over former President Donald Trumps tax returns to Parliament (Congress). Thats a step Trump has resisted for a long time.

A committee from the House of Representatives, the House of Commons of Congress, had requested Trumps declarations. According to justice, there are โ€œsufficient reasonsโ€ to comply with the request. This reverses an earlier decision.

In 2019, under Trumps presidency, it was said that the documents should not be provided. That was because the committee would not have been honest about why it requested the information. Democrats in the House have been chasing tax returns for years. Trump did not make it public unlike previous presidents.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic President in the House of Representatives, welcomes the new decision and calls access to tax returns โ€œa matter of national security.โ€ โ€œThe people deserve to know the facts about Trumps disturbing conflicts of interest and undermining our security and democracy as president.โ€

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