Trump was given all kinds of medications, what do coronapatics get in the Netherlands?

Remdesivir, dexamethasone, REGN-COV2, vitamin D, aspirin, zinc, melatonin. According to experts, President Trump received a very remarkable combination of drugs and supplements against covid-19.

โ€œ This would not be possible in the Netherlands,โ€ says Diederik Gommers, chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care. The saying โ€œit does not benefit, it does not harmโ€, according to him and other experts, certainly does not apply. For any drug can have harmful side effects.

However, some of the drugs Trump received according to his doctors are also common in the Netherlands for admitted coronavirus patients. Like the steroid dexamethasone. โ€œAlmost all patients who are really sick and need extra oxygen get that medicine,โ€ says pulmonologist Leon van den Toorn.

In the last update on Trump‘s condition yesterday afternoon, it was confirmed that Trump had received oxygen earlier:

Dexamethasone suppresses the violent inflammatory reaction that could make corona-virus patients very ill. According to researchers, it leads to lower mortality, but only among people who need extra oxygen. It has not yet been used during the first wave of infection in the spring, and the same applies to inhibitor inhibitor inhibitor inhibitor inhibitors.

Progressive insight

โ€œ Nowadays, a cocktail of these two drugs is usually prescribed,โ€ says Van den Toorn. Several studies have shown that remdesivir provides faster healing and less mortality in severely ill patients.

According to Gommers, the progressive insight is less unambiguous. โ€œApproximately half of the studies on remdesivir are positive, the other half show no difference from the control group. But because the drug is not harmful, it is given.โ€ Below the line, the lying length of patients in comparison with the onset of the crisis is at least shorter in the IC and the other hospital departments, says Gommers further.

This positive effect is also attributed to more intensive use of blood thinners. According to the experts, the large-scale use of renewed ventilation equipment also plays a role in this.

Experimental cocktail

Trump has also received oxygen, but it’s unclear how long exactly. So far, Trump‘s treatment is no exception to that of a seriously ill coronapatient in the Netherlands. But that does not apply to REGN-COV2. That cocktail of antibodies is still in the experimental phase.

The producer, Pharmaceutical Regeneron, says that at Trump’s request, a single dose was delivered to the president. The operation of the drug has not yet been proven; that raises the question of why the President has received it anyway.

According to GP Jako Burgers, also special professor at the Dutch General Practitioners Society, this may have to do with a cultural difference. โ€œIn the US, doctors get everything out of their closet faster to heal someone as quickly as possible. With less fear of the side effects.โ€

Burgers adds also to prevent the doctor from being accused of having done too little and possibly being sued. Especially when it comes to the president‘s life.

Zinc and Vitamin D

This theory may also explain why the medical team gave Trump other drugs and supplements. Such as vitamin D, aspirin, melatonin, zinc and the antacid famotidine. In addition to aspirin, as an analgesic for people with mild symptoms, these are not drugs that general practitioners in the Netherlands recommend to patients with coronapatics.

โ€œ There was a doctor in Limburg who propagated a cocktail with zinc in it against corona,โ€ says Burgers. โ€œBut no scientific evidence has been found to work.โ€

Several physicians have suggested that a deficiency of vitamin D can lead to more severe symptoms among coronavirus patients. โ€œA lot of people have a vitamin D deficiency, so swallowing a supplement is good in general. But whether it helps against corona, I don’t know.โ€

The other experts also had no scientific studies on the possible relationship between vitamin D and covid-19.

What do general practitioners recommend to coronation patients?

In any case, not standard remdesivir and dexamethasone. Those funds are intended only for seriously ill covid-19 patients with a lack of oxygen. โ€œPain symptoms can be treated with paracetamol,โ€ says General Practitioner Burgers. โ€œFor something against cough, patients can get self-care drugs at the pharmacy or drugstore.โ€

Furthermore, it is mainly dependent on existing conditions and the gradation of coronavirus symptoms which medications patients can take, or on the contrary, not. On the website of the Dutch General Practitioners Society there is a special page with an overview of what patients can do best.