Trumps speech: Optimistic vistas vs. hell and damnation

A grand fireworks display over Washington with a lot of flags. Loudly applauding fans sitting close together in the White House garden. “Four more years!” A foot and a half away and mouth caps? Forget about it. The conclusion of the Republican convention was in every way a Trumpian show.

Optimism vs. hell and damnation

He praised the achievements of his government, but also painted a dark, dystopian picture of America. He pointed to the violent street protests, looting and arson in numerous American cities this summer. “All these cities are ruled by Democrats.” He warned Americans that this will be their foreland if they elect Joe Biden as their president. He also predicted that the Democratic presidential candidate is going to let millions of illegal and criminal immigrants in

“Your voice will decide whether we can protect obedient Americans, or give way to violent anarchists, inciters and criminals who threaten our citizens. No one will be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” said Trump, who presented himself as the president of law and order

On Biden’s long track record he said: “Never before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies or two agendas. We’ve spent the last four years repairing the damage Joe Biden has done in 47 years.”

‘Best economy in the world’

Trump was announced in advance with a lot of drum roll as the man who had done more than any president in American history. In his speech, he praised the strong economic growth, low unemployment, and the many jobs that were returning to the U.S.. “We’ve built the best economy in the history of the world.”

But Trump’s America ends in March 2021. The country is in its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Like most speakers at the Republican convention, the president barely spoke about the victims of the pandemic that has already killed more than 180,000 Americans and caused tens of millions of citizens to lose their jobs. Trump devoted a few short sentences to the victims. “As a nation, we mourn. In our hearts we preserve the memories of all those who so tragically lost their lives. ”

The United States is one of the worst affected countries in the coronapandemic, but Trump stressed in his speech that his cabinet is doing better than any other government in the world. “We have the smallest economic contraction of any major Western country. We’re recovering faster than anyone else.”

‘Donald Trump has failed’

It is customary during a convention for your political opponents to leave you alone. But that unwritten rule already flew out the window last week, when Trump held a campaign meeting almost daily during the Democratic convention.

According to Harris, Trump is hardly interested in the concerns of American citizens. “He’s the president of the United States. The convention shouldn’t be about him. It should be about the health, safety and well-being of the American people. In that regard, Donald Trump has failed.”