Tuchel doesnt hold back after new Chelsea downer: Is a joke, really a joke

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel was unable to hold back at the end of the late draw against Brighton & Hove Albion. The German complains about the arbitration and feetthat Chelsea is no longer competing for the title at the moment.
Due to a late goal by Danny Welbeck, it ended 1-1 at Stamford Brigde. โ€œNormally, I would never tell you this, but we were one hundred percent entitled to a penalty after a Christian Pulisic offense,โ€ Tuchel said at the press conference afterwards. The coach is also upset about a rejected Mason Mount goal. โ€œIt was a fifty/fifty duel with Mount. Why did the referee have to whistle before the ball was over the line?โ€
โ€œWe have the VAR to check, why couldnt the referee wait?โ€ , an irritated Tuchel wonders out loud. โ€œIs he so sure of his case, or does he want to keep the tension in the game?โ€ Tuchel then comes back to the penalty moment. โ€œIts a joke, really a joke. Especially because the VAR does not intervene.โ€
Chelsea currently has eight points less than front-runner Manchester City. Nevertheless, do The Blues still have a chance in the title race? โ€œHow are we supposed to be in the title race at all?โ€ counter Tuchel. โ€œWe have seven corona infections and miss five or six players for more than six weeks. How should we compete for the title? Anyone who does have a fit team is training at full strength to make it through this competition. Wed be stupid if we thought we can do that now.โ€