TUI brings back last 150 Dutch people from La Palma

The last 150 Dutch holidaymakers picked up from the Spanish island of La Palma last Saturday, a spokeswoman for travel company TUI says Monday. Last Thursday, 79 other Dutch people were flown to the Netherlands.

Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island has been operating for more than a week. โ€œTo ensure the safety of our holidaymakers,โ€ said a TUI spokeswoman, โ€œlast Saturday we brought the remaining Dutch travellers by ferry to the neighbouring island of Tenerife and then flew to the Netherlands.โ€

La Palma Airport was temporarily closed on Saturday as volcano ash had to be cleaned up. According to the sider, that presumption already existed and was therefore chosen for the flight from Tenerife.

โ€œA separate plane has been sent to pick up our travellers, as well as the travellers of TUI Belgium. They flew to Amsterdam and Brussels on Saturday night.โ€ For the time being, no TUI flights to the island will go to the island until October 5, says the spokeswoman. The airport on La Palma could be recommissioned on Sunday.

As far as we know, there have been no casualties, but hundreds of buildings have been destroyed. Thousands of people have been evacuated.