Tunisian President appoints new government but holds power in his own hands

Tunisian President Kais Saied has appointed a new government after a nearly three month political standoff. In the cabinet, a record number of women have received ministerial posts. Among the 25 cabinet members are ten women, such as Finance and Justice Ministers. But Saied holds power firmly in his own hands and the suspended parliament does not return either.

Two weeks ago, the president appointed a female prime minister. This made Najla Bouden the first female prime minister in the Arab world. She said today that she wants to address corruption in the country and raise Tunisian living standards.

Critics were skeptical about Boudens appointment, including for her lack of political and administrative experience and her loyalty to Saied. Also, Saied would have chosen a female prime minister to vote the Western world favorably following his takeover of power in July. Then he fired the then Prime Minister and sidelined Parliament, which has caused a lot of turmoil and divisions among the population in recent weeks.

The opposition also has severe criticism of the Presidents action. The country is not only in a political crisis but also in a deep economic crisis.

Little change

With the new government, not much seems to change in the North African country. Since his seizure of power, the government has to be accountable to him, not the Prime Minister. Parliament is still suspended. He also took steps a few weeks ago to rule by decree.

Saied wants to amend the Constitution and introduce a presidential system. He promised to talk to the people and write a referendum, but that hasnt happened yet.